Super Bowl, special?


Two days from now, people of all ages and backgrounds will come together to watch Sunday Bowl XLIX on NBC. You may be watching the Big Game for your favorite team, Katy Perry’s [roaring] halftime show, the $4.5 million commercials, or because you want to participate in the tradition that is Super Bowl Sunday. Which leads me to ask, what really makes the Super Bowl so special?

For some people in America, the Super Bowl is bigger than most holidays. Sports fans, and non-sports fans, are dedicated to this day. There are no Black Friday deals to keep people away from their families and homes, and food, there is lots of food. It is common for the “unofficial” event planners to map out their recipes and grocery lists months ahead of time. People put their creative skills to test with guacamole grass fields and sandwich-made stadiums. No doubt, Pinterest is booming this time of year.

Might I add that people love football? It’s the biggest game of the year. This event unites people whether their teams are competing to win the famous Lombardi or not. Agree to disagree, the Super Bowl offers viewers the best and most-valuable matchup of the year. People get in the spirit, too. Jerseys are worn from across the league with other franchise-themed clothing, and for the die hards, you cannot forget eye black. True fans set up games to play before the game. This can consist of Super Bowl themed bingo, flag football, squares, or hot dog eating contests.

Some of my prime childhood memories were made on nights when the Super Bowl was being played. Much like the Masters Tournament, it is a special American tradition. The media gear their stories around certain players, leaving room for comical debates and discussions. Everyone has all eyes locked in from the pre-game interviews to the post-game trophy presentations. It comes with the territory of being a sports fan, there is always a good story waiting to happen.

Super Bowl Sunday is special. It is the one time of year where Americans come together to celebrate a sport… One that has changed the lives of millions of people. This sport, and day, serves as a positive distraction from life’s stresses. Overall, it represents an appreciation for God-given talent and athleticism, and a foundation of team unity.