Methods to the Madness


The month of March never seems to disappoint. Between MLB Spring Training, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of Spring, what more can a person want out of life? The answer is March Madness. If you have not gotten into the tournament spirit, then you may want to catch up on your favorite basketball movie or documentary. With Netflix, ESPN and each of the options in television programming, you should be all set for the Big Dance. In case you need to be reminded why March Madness is so exciting, below are several methods to its madness.

  1. Unscripted drama

“Like life, basketball is messy and unpredictable. It has its way with you, no matter how hard you try to control it. The trick is to experience each moment with a clear mind and open heart. When you do that, the game–and life–will take care of itself.” — Phil Jackson

At some point during the tournament, you will see an underdog prevail in a major game upset. It’s better than any reality show you can find on television. Even if you set your perfect bracket, the chances of it being 100% accurate are still off by a long shot (pun intended).

  1. Love of the game

“We don’t have to be superstars or win championships… All we have to do is learn to rise to every occasion, give our best effort, and make those around us better as we do it.” — John Wooden

It’s tough to find a stronger passion in sports than that of the love of basketball. The pure joy shared between players, coaches, and fan bases goes beyond the court. Players live for this and give it their best, without monetary reward. It’s all for genuine love of the game.

  1. Win or lose, heroes are made

“There’s always the motivation of wanting to win. Everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above and beyond winning.” — Pat Riley

You’re guaranteed to see heroes form over the course of the postseason, somewhere in the middle of two 20 minute halves. New heroes are praised and their names go down in the record books. This also involves stories of perseverance, on and off the court. These stories give people hope for the future, not only teaching us about life’s journeys and hardships but about overstepping obstacles to make it to the Big Dance.

  1. Bracketology

“This is what March is all about… we represent a high level of basketball as well, and when you get in this tournament, you get the opportunity to show it.” — Bruce Pearl

Tournament odds and rankings keep fans engaged, even when they are not apart of the fan base. Filling out a bracket is one of the main components that has made March Madness what it is today. Tournament Challenges and competitions are formed and business offices are less productive. However, unity and teamwork go up a level during the process.

  1. History and unity in the making

“The game asks that you work to improve, that you put something into it, and that you also give something back to it. The game is universal. It is a language that unites all of us.” — Jim Calhoun

The school spirit that is displayed during March Madness proves that people of all backgrounds can come together and engage in tradition. It’s a movement across the nation, and all regions are covered. From the east coast to the west, you cannot avoid the thrill of the dance.

Being presented with basketball games non-stop each day, from noon to 2:00 in the morning, is something to appreciate. Two weeks of games that all have the potential to be buzzer beaters. Every play, every banner, every moment should be appreciated. You cannot get enough of the emotion and excitement from this tournament. College basketball made March Madness. Now, let’s all sit back and watch another one of its Cinderella stories commence.

Work hard, play hard


The biggest challenge I’ve had to deal with lately is setting a calendar that gives me a decent work-life balance. There is only so much a person can do to be 100% on top of things all the time. However, if you have a good work-life balance, the imperfections are not as difficult as they seem.

1. Maintain a planner.
Update your calendar frequently so each of your work tasks and social responsibilities fit generously within your 7-day stretch of events. Over-booking and scheduling too many things within a certain timeframe can be dangerous. A well-utilized planner can make a world of difference to someone in need of balance and composure.

2. Prioritize.
Know your “whys” and “why nots” – if this is not buttoned up in your life, then you tend to lose sight of the reasoning behind your whole work structure. Make time outside of work to laugh, think, and cry with people that make life worth living. Isn’t that the reason why you’re working so hard in the first place? To earn a living, pave a future, or show someone that you appreciate the skills and techniques they taught you.

3. Manage the clock.
Time management is easily one of the most overlooked areas in a person’s life. This does not require you to wear a watch everywhere you go, but it does require you to be mindful of the clock. Personal and social down time are a must. Take advantage of meeting cancellations and remember that if an opportunity is missed professionally or socially, you have other doors to walk through in your journey.

4. Appreciate a content-filled life.
Pause and think about everything you have accomplished in the past year, 6-months, month, and/or week. It’s easy to lose sight of your achievements when you’re constantly thinking about what’s coming up next. Even if a situation does not end the way you anticipate it will, appreciate your lessons and takeaways.

5. It’s not all he said, she said.
It’s easy to point fingers at someone when things go wrong, but sometimes it’s not always their fault. You have full rights and ownership over your calendar. ‘No’ is a word in the dictionary, and you are allowed to use it every once in a while. You have a choice to change your circumstance, it may involve other people and their feedback, but ultimately it is up to your discretion. If you’re going to blame someone for your problems and busy schedule, blame yourself.

Life sequences through billions of events every day, just make sure you know how to balance out your schedule. All work and no play is no way to live. If you work as hard as you play, though, life will show you its full potential.